About Shipping Corporation Of India

The Shipping Corporation of India is currently the largest shipping company in India in terms of operation and revenues. You cannot conduct your business in or with Indian companies without bumping into the Shipping Corporation of India at one time or another. Getting acquainted with the services they offer will serve to enhance your business’ options in terms of shipping and product transport so you are in a better position to choose the service that’s right for you.

One of the strengths of the Shipping Company of India is in the bulk and carrier transport segment where it currently operates a diverse array of vessels and ships to serve your every need. It offers bulk transport carriers for big shipments of either raw materials or products and shipping charges are comparable if not lower than other shipping companies. It also services crude oil transport into the sub-Indian continents from oil wells in the Middle East and Africa fueling the growth of Indian industry. There are also specialized vessel designs for chemical transport for use in the manufacture of various end-products such as plastics.

In terms of passenger transport, the Shipping Corporation of India offers passenger vessels traveling through multiple routes from India to the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and vice versa. These ports of call are strategic to allow other companies to have direct access to India as well as tourism ventures to prosper by providing cheap means of transport to the Indian subcontinent. Passengers get treated to the Indian subculture even prior arriving in India providing perfect welcome to the vagaries of Indian traditions.

Another service that is provided by the company pertains to the use of chartered vessels for various purposes. Manned by a competent crew of well-trained professionals, companies can conduct their business in the luxury of private yachts or the exclusive use of cargo vessels in transporting products or raw materials. The Shipping Corporation of India in this regard is also a vital lifeline of the Indian government as it operates government-owned vessels to perform various official tasks and services.

One last aspect of the company that sets it apart from other shipping companies is its ability to provide technical services for offshore operations like in oil operations or exploration. It also provides consultancy services in the conduct of liquefied natural gas drilling and transporting making it a vital partner in the energy sector for the government and other companies alike. The Shipping Corporation of India also performs boat servicing and maintenance activities to ensure offshore operations run smoothly and without interruption.

If you are looking to gain a foothold in Indian markets or you want your products to be shipped to other countries from India, consider the Shipping Corporation of India as a supplier for transport services. It’s a reliable company with many years of proven operations and a recognized track-record of partnerships with other companies in various industries. Check their directory of offered services so you can choose the best service that is for you.

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